Get Involved

Volunteer/Internship/Job Positions

Phone Support Volunteer

    • Description: Provide compassionate and effective phone support to clients, answering inquiries and offering assistance as needed.
    • Requirements: Excellent communication skills, patience, and empathy.
    • Commitment: Minimum of 4 hours per week.  


Community Outreach Volunteer

    • Description: Engage with the community to raise awareness about our services, distribute informational materials, and participate in outreach events.
    • Requirements: Strong interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for community service.
    • Commitment: Flexible hours, with a minimum of 4 hours per week.  


Internship Positions


Social Work/ Case Management Intern

  • Description: Assist with case management tasks, support social work initiatives, and help clients navigate available resources.
  • Requirements: Currently enrolled in a social work program, strong organizational skills.
  • Commitment: 8-16 hours per week


Marketing Intern

  • Description: Support marketing efforts, including social media management, content creation, and campaign planning.
  • Requirements: Creative thinking, familiarity with social media platforms, currently enrolled in a marketing program.
  • Commitment: 8-16 hours per week


Grant Writing Intern

    • Description: Assist in researching grant opportunities, writing proposals, and managing grant applications.
    • Requirements: Strong writing skills, attention to detail, currently enrolled in a related program.
    • Commitment: 8-16 hours per week