The Application Process



Mandatory Workshop Attendance

Clients will be notified of upcoming workshops offered by AP2L. Attendance is mandatory.

The Workshop Course is designed for client housing retention. One on One Credit Consultation is scheduled with the client until the client is credit worthy. Clients are provided with a Budget sheet and LL/Tenant Rights & Responsibilities packet to read, fill out and returned by the first workshop attendance.

Clients are provided with Action Plans and are encouraged to use it as a guide to help them either re-establish their or establish credit according to their personal credit evaluation. Credit Consultation is one of the many supportive services we provide to help you on the road of self-sufficiency.

AP2L will schedule periodic inspections of the unit for maintenance checks and household management services.

Client must report all changes in Family Disposition and Income
within 5 (five) days.

An Action Plan is designed for each Individual/Family to help them Budget and Save.

Client is expected to pay on time rents to AP2L.


Program Review

Resident Review will be evaluated according to on time rent payments, maintenance care and workshop participation.

The Tenant Contract Renewal may take place after 1yr of full program completion.